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Russia and Countries of the World. The Pacific Rim

About the collection

In 2012 Russia will first host “The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)” Forum. XXIV annual meeting of the leaders of APEC countries will take place in Vladivostok, 1 – 8 September. To mark the event the Presidential Library has developed a special digital collection including the materials that reflect the relations between the APEC and the Russian Federation which has been a member of the APEC since 1998, as well as the history of international relations in the Pacific Rim.


Multilateral Structures of the Rim

The section is devoted to international organizations operating in the Pacific Rim. Especially featured are the materials covering the The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the participation of Russia in it.

International Relations in the Pacific Rim

The section covers various aspects of international relations in the Pacific Rim, especially the interrelations between Russia and different states of the Pacific Rim.

Development of the Far East and Alaska by Russians

The section contains the materials which reveal various aspects of the expansion of Russian impact in the Pacific Rim, including the history of the “Russian America”.

The Far East Region of Russia: History

The presented materials reveal the particularities of political, socio-economical and cultural development of the Far Eastern territories of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Russia during several centuries.

The Far East Region of Russia: Modern Times

Materials of the section cover the modern state of the Far East of the Russian Federation as well as certain features of political, socio-economical and cultural life of the region.

Internet Resources on the Pacific Rim

The guide contains annotated links to the most relevant Internet resources covering the activities of international organizations of the Pacific Rim. Most important for the collection are the resources devoted to the APEC and 2012 summit of the organization.

The Presidential Library Digital Collection "The Memory of the Great Victory"

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