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Platonov S. F. The Lectures on Russian History. Petrograd, 1917

This day in history
The Manifesto “On privileges for various inventions and discoveries in crafts and arts”, the first patent law in Russia was signed
28 June
World culture: Spanish Sanctuary Triptych of 15th century presented at the exhibition in Yaroslavl
28 June
The peoples of Russia: The “Festal Dress of the peoples of Russia” exhibition from the collection of the Historical Museum in Moscow
29 June
The XXV International Financial Congress will take place at the Presidential Library
05 October
The “Cultural Heritage: Resource Integration in the Digital Environment” VII Scientific-practical conference in the Presidential Library


28 June
The Presidential Library released a movie about the Holy Synod, based on rare documents and materials
28 June
A great personality and the accomplishments of Nicholas I are revealed in the collection of the Presidential Library