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Scientific Activities

Scientific activities of the Presidential Library are carried out in various forms established in cultural, academic and educational institutions: research; scientific & organizational; scientific & methodological; scientific & educational; scientific & publishing.

The research activities are focused on such areas as study of state; source study in the field of Russian history, Russian state and law, Russian language; theory and practice of electronic libraries; description and systematization of various types of documents; normative legal, linguistic, software and hardware support for creation, preservation, search and provision of access to electronic documents; legislation in electronic environment; “e-government”.

The scientific & organizational activities (activities for organization of scientific and theoretical and practical events) of the library consist of organization by it or under its support of international and all-Russian congresses, symposiums, conferences, seminars, hearings, etc. corresponding with the subject area of the library’s research work.

The scientific & methodological activities of the library consist of selection of electronic books, documents and other materials for the library’s holdings, development of electronic collections, revealing of library’s holdings to readers, supply the materials with comments, provision of free access to the holdings including the branches of the Presidential Library. .

The scientific & educational activities of the Presidential Library (organization of exhibitions, excursions, lectures, film and video projects, multimedia projects, other projects including those in electronic environment) plays a significant role in the library’s work. Implementation of educational and enlightening events allows to attract attention to the library’s holdings (e.g. the annual Olympiad for students implies the acquaintance of its participants with scientific materials and textbooks published on the library’s portal), hand down to wide public the results of scientific and other activities of the library. In addition, educational activities are intended to form civil consciousness, enhance interest to the national history, popularize the activities of government bodies, strengthening of their ties with general public.

The scientific & publishing activities of the Presidential Library are one of the components of its scientific work. The results of all other types of scientific activities are reflected in the library’s editions published in traditional and electronic forms. The library disposes of its own publishing and printing complex enabling it to prepare for print and print different scientific and educational materials. Among them are books, including monographs, textbooks, collected articles, other editions of this format; periodicals – journals and annuals; albums, booklets, reprints and many others. Among the library’s editions there is a series of scientific works titled “The Presidential Library’s collected works”. Today the series includes the collected works on such topics as “The electronic library”, “The electronic legislation”, under way is “The source study and electronic search”.

Some library’s divisions have been created to fulfill certain scientific activities: Scientific Division (is primarily engaged in research work); Expert Division (is primarily engaged in analytic and methodological work); Center of Educational Programs (is engaged in educational and organizational work); Publishing Division.

The Academic Council of the Presidential Library includes the heads of the leading Russian universities, libraries, museums and archives. The Academic Council contributes to the development of the Presidential Library, its co-operation with other organizations in the field of culture, science, education and enlightening. The resolutions of the Academic Council are made regarding the issues of conceptual, strategic and general nature and are recommendatory for the Presidential Library and organizations whose representatives are the members of the Academic Council.

The meetings of the Academic Council are held minimum once a year, its members may attend the meetings via videoconferences or their representatives.

The Presidential Library co-operates and provides scientific and informational support to academic, educational and cultural institutions, public organizations, action groups and individuals engaged in research and educational activities contributing to the achievement of the library’s goals.

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