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The Presidential Library began to develop a regional electronic encyclopedia

14 November
Source: The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library

Integration of unique materials on the regions in a single electronic encyclopedia will allow to objectively and accurately present the country and its population, the diversity of the state, the national system of Russia. Posted materials will be constantly updated and renewed, being available to users from any Internet access point. As expected, the regional electronic encyclopedia will be one of the most popular Russian Internet resources.

The initiative will be an alternative of Wikipedia: the analysis of this resource has shown that it does not have enough detailed and reliable information about Russian regions and the life of the country. According to Alexander Vershinin, Director General of the Presidential Library, the resource will include documents on the Russian territory and at the same time a virtual museum of regional development will be created. In cooperation with the NLR and the Russian Library Association, subjects of the Russian Federation will also be involved in the work. They will be offered to provide to the new resource their regional encyclopedias. According to experts, not less than 500 ones have been issued. They talk about the development of both regions, and local districts, cities and even villages. The editions represent a valuable source of information about life in Russia.  

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