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Russian culture abroad: The United States unveil “Pushkin in America” series of historical postcards

30 May 2011
Source: State “Culture” TV channel

The Russian-American society “Northern Cross” (Severny Krest) is implementing a unique project called the “History Card”. Its aim is to preserve and promote Russian culture in America, the history of Russia-US relations and the mutual influence of the cultures of these two great countries on one another. The most recent published series of cards is “Pushkin in America”.

“Although Alexander Pushkin never visited the New World, he passionately dreamed of coming to the North American United States,” says Yuri Sandulov, president of the society and a historian of the Russian Diaspora. He says that for many generations of Russian emigrants Pushkin was a symbol of the homeland that they left. And thus his image became a subject of monuments. The first was erected in 1941 in Jackson, New Jersey. Its sculptor Nikolai Dmitriyev has portrayed the poet in the moment of inspiration holding a manuscript.

Not so long ago “Northern Cross” supported by the Nobility Association in America has launched 5th issue of “Artists of the Russian Abroad”, as well as a set “Writers of the Russian Abroad”. There are four issues of postcards based on the history of Novo-Diveevo convent in New York, told Yuri Sandulov. Since its very launch a year ago the project has released 16 series of cards, which attracted live interest among postcard collectors, archives, universities and libraries of the United States and Russia. The historian highlighted a series of postcards dedicated to the outstanding Russian small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, which came out about half a year ago and immediately captured attention of the Americans.

Yuri Sandulov is presently occupied with another unique project – series of 12 cards dedicated to Boris Bakhmetiev (1880-1951), Russia’s Ambassador to the United States during the time of the Provisional Government. He continued to be the sole recognized Russian representative to the United States up until 1933, when the US government decided to recognize the Soviet government. For many years he had been the professor at Columbia University. Next coming are cards which mark 200th anniversary of Fort Ross – former Russian settlement and fortress in California, “Orthodox domes” series focused on the architecture of Orthodox churches from Alaska to New York. 

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