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The exhibition "Memory of Generations: The 80th Anniversary of the Relief of the Nazi Siege of Leningrad", which runs from May 27th to August 17th, 2024, is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi Siege. This event played a decisive role in the longest battle of the Great Patriotic War - the Battle of Leningrad, which lasted from July 10th, 1941, to August 9th, 1944. The main goal of the exhibition is to showcase, based on reliable historical materials, how people immediately after the relief of the blockade perpetuated the memory of the city's feat and its heroic defenders, and how our contemporaries perceive the events surrounding the liberation of besieged Leningrad. The exhibition tells the story of the first major exhibitions that were held back in 1944, such as the "Heroic Defence of Leningrad," which was dedicated to the defense and siege of Leningrad. The "Svirskaya Pobeda" museum which was opened in the Leningrad Oblast in the city of Lodeynoye Pole was dedicated to the feat of the defenders of Svir’ City. Modernity is represented through the research and collections of the Russian Military Historical Society and the Presidential Library. The Society regularly holds memorial events and engages in scholarly work, organizing conferences, launching historical publications, and erecting monuments to the heroes of World War II. The materials of the exhibition are dedicated to the monument to the victims of the Nazi genocide, which was erected on the initiative of the Russian Military Historical Society near Gatchina and was opened on January 27, 2024. The preservation of the memory of the heroism of the Siege survivors and defenders of Leningrad is a priority for the Presidential Library. Read more...



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Temporary thematic expositions, shown in the exhibition halls of the Presidential Library, are devoted to the most significant anniversaries and topical issues in the history of Russian statehood. The partners of joint exhibitions are archives, museums, libraries, universities and cultural centers. Visiting temporary exhibitions is included in the program of sightseeing and thematic tours. Based on the results of the exhibitions, virtual tours, which are freely available on the institution's portal, are being prepared.


Please note that during the period of mass social, cultural and official events, access to the Presidential Library may be limited. Specialists of the excursion and methodological group will inform you in advance.

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