Center digitizing

The Presidential Library has a unique center for digitizing and processing documents, managed by a specially developed software package.

The technical equipment and software of the center allow to realize the full cycle of the formation of digital content from the selection of primary sources before loading the final product into data warehouses. The digital content preparation system includes automated workplaces for the formation of orders, scanning, subsequent processing of digital images, their conversion into different formats and descriptions of documents, as well as intermediate data storage. All works are carried out using modern technologies in accordance with accepted standards.

Thanks to the line of specialized scanning complexes, the library implements digitization of materials of different formats (including A1 + A2 + formats) from various source media, including microforms, newspapers, especially valuable early printed books and manuscripts. If necessary, special dedusting of documents is carried out on special equipment. In order to ensure the safety of particularly valuable primary sources, part of the scanning work is carried out on the territory of the fund holders. The quality of post-processing is provided by high-performance graphic workstations. The documents are described in accordance with the requirements of the RUSMARC format.

Practical classes are conducted for specialists in the field of digitization on the center’s basis. Methodological issues are regularly discussed at professional scientific and practical conferences and seminars.