Multimedia complex

Multifunctional multimedia complex is designed for conducting lectures, seminars, video presentations, teleconferences, videoconferences and other events using modern information technologies.


With the help of soundproof reflective partitions, the complex can be transformed into a single large (96 workplaces), two medium (48 workplaces) or four small (24 workplaces) rooms. If necessary, additional seats and a table for the presidium can be installed in each sector.


The complex is equipped with an 8-channel simultaneous interpretation system, a system of conventional, panoramic and stereoscopic projection of images and mobile stands for speakers. Partitions between sectors can be used as screens. Presenters are given the opportunity to independently manage their presentations.


Each workplace is equipped with video conferencing, registration, voting, simultaneous interpretation, listening and viewing audio and video materials. An access to the resources of the Electronic Reading Room of the Presidential Library and to the Internet can be available from any workplace. It is possible to connect remote participants via video conferencing mode and event live broadcasting.


Galleries of a multimedia complex equipped with 16 vertical plasma panels are used for information support of events.