Recent collections

Recent collections

The All-Russian Constituent Assembly

The collection dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the convocation of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly included popular publications written in 1917 with the purpose of acquainting the country's population with the goals, tasks and features of the work of the assembly; materials of the assembly in the form of lists and certificates of delegates, verbatim record of the sole assembly, legislative projects that were discussed by the deputies; welcome telegrams of the public in connection with the opening of the assembly; documents that tell about the consequences and results of the assembly; as well as visual materials, depicting the assembly of January 5 (18) and its participants.

Russia – Switzerland: from the history of relationship. To the World Economic Forum in Davos

Russia and Switzerland are associated with long-term political, economic and cultural relations lasting more than three centuries. Natives of Switzerland made a significant contribution to the development of Russian science, art and military affairs. The collection dedicated to bilateral relations includes official documents, studies, archival and visual materials, periodicals covering the state structure and history of Switzerland, the life and work of its famous natives, certain aspects of the relationship between Russia and Switzerland in the period of the XVII-XXI centuries, and also documents that reveal the importance of Switzerland as a place of acceptance of acts of international importance.

A. S. Charkin (1937-2017)

Current collection is timed to the 80th birthday of A. S. Charkin (1937—2017), People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, a sculptor, an educator, and a prominent public figure. The collection includes the digital copies of documents, photographs, newspaper articles, thank you letters, certificates of merit, diplomas and other materials.

P. A. Kropotkin (1842—1921)

The collection dedicated to a Russian revolutionary, ideological leader of anarchism, scientist-geographer P. A. Kropotkin includes the biographies, recollections of contemporaries, studies of political doctrine of Kropotkin, his geographic and social-political writings, correspondence and illustrations.

M. K. Anikushin (1917-1997)

The collection is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Soviet Russian native sculptor M. K. Anikushin, whose creative work was a state-of-the-art Russian sculpture of the second half of the XX century. The collection contains the digital copies of documents, letters, photographs, autographs of the sculptor, newspaper articles and other materials.