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The State Museum of Defenсe and Blockade of Leningrad in the Presidential Library is the first step in creating an open museum of memory in the virtual space

5 September 2018

An open museum in memory of defence and blockade of Leningrad - the presentation of a new project of the Presidential Library will take place on September 5, 2018, on the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of the blockade, when on September 8, 1941, an enemy ring closed around the city on the Neva. The event starts at 15:00 and will be broadcasted live on the Presidential Library portal in the "Live broadcast" section.

In the framework of the project virtual tours will be arranged for the blockade expositions of the museums of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, the total number of which today is about 170. Together they will form a unique public resource that fully represents information about the heroism of the defenders and residents of Leningrad, which can be used in educational, cultural, exhibition and academic purposes.

The first step in the implementation of the project was a virtual tour around the exposition of the State Museum of Defence and Blockade of Leningrad. It is noteworthy that today it is available exclusively in the digital space, since with the closure of the museum for overhaul the exposition ceased to exist. After the repair is completed, its cardinally updated version will be created.

Participants in the presentation at the Presidential Library will not only learn the details of the new project, but will also be the first to "pass through" the already existing halls of the State Museum of Defence and Blockade of Leningrad, and will be able to examine in detail the authentic items of wartime. Most of them are accompanied by an exhaustive and carefully selected by the museum staff information about the exhibit, its history, context and others.

The event will be attended by representatives of the "Museum Agency" - associations of 28 museums in Leningrad Region, many of which keep a memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War, the defence and blockade of Leningrad. A virtual tour around the new exposition of one of the branches of the Museum Agency - the museum "Kobona: The Road of Life" - will be the next project and will be presented to the general public in the second half of September.

Accreditation for media representatives is available until 16:00, September 4, 2018.

Please forward applications for accreditation in the attached form with "Media Accreditation" note  to:, Alexandra Khudyakova, phone (812) 305-16-21, ext. 233; mob. +7 981 788-28-08.

The letter should feature the full name, date and place of birth, passport data (series, number, place of registration), a list of carry-on equipment, contact numbers, name of the media.

Please, note, that the entrance to the Presidential Library is carried out only upon prior request and upon showing a passport: participants and guests of the event go through entrance № 1, representatives of the media go through entrance № 2.