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Online lesson for schoolchildren of the Russian abroad “History of the construction of St. Petersburg”

18 June 2020

On June 18, 2020, at 20:30 Moscow time, as part of “Knowledge of Russia” video lecture an online lesson for students of Russian foreign countries “The History of the Construction of St. Petersburg” will be provided by a guide to the Presidential Library Olga Vdovichenko. The lesson will be held for Russian-speaking adolescents living in different countries of the world: Austria, Hungary, Germany, Jordan, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Palestine, Portugal, France, the USA, as part of the international online project “Our Dear Rus’”, organized by the Russian School No. 1 in Marbella (Spain) and the Dar Association (Morocco).

The online lesson is dedicated to the City Day of St. Petersburg (May 27) and the birthday of its founder Peter I (June 9) and was prepared according to the materials of the exhibition “The most intentional city”: a monument created by the state, held in the Presidential Library in 2014 the history of the formation of the territory of St. Petersburg - the capital of the Russian Empire.

St. Petersburg was founded by the Russian sovereign Peter the Great 317 years ago on lands conquered from the Swedes. One might as well say that at first the layout of the city was spontaneous, but after the transfer of the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg, urban plans began to appear. In the lesson, students will learn how the layout of St. Petersburg has changed from its inception to the beginning of the 20th century. More information on the topic of the lesson is available in the collection “St. Petersburg: Pages of History” on the Presidential Library’s portal.

It is worth noting that the Presidential Library regularly holds interactive lessons, detailed information on which is available in the "Multimedia Lessons" section on the institution's portal Under the heading “Video lecture to school”, records of lectures and open lessons held at the Presidential Library are also presented.

The lesson “History of the Construction of St. Petersburg” is provided remotely and will be available in live mode on the Presidential Library’s YouTube channel.