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The Presidential Library provides online broadcasting of films and video lectures

31 May – 4 June 2021

The Presidential Library’s portal from Monday to Friday in Live broadcasts section provides broadcasting of films, video lectures and tours prepared by the Presidential Library, as well as by leading film studios of the country.

In accordance with the broadcast program, on June 1, International Children's Day, the Presidential Library provides meeting with a wonderful person, art teacher from Staraya Russa, publisher of the All-Russian magazine for children about art Vvedenskaya Storona Nikolai Lokotkov. The artist, teacher and publisher has firmly established himself in the Russian outback, while everyone is trying to quickly leave it. What keeps him there? The answer to this question is given by the film Drawing Teacher. The Story of a Magazine, filmed by the library’s specialists.

History lovers will certainly be interested in the documentary Attorney General of the Holy Synod Konstantin Pobedonostsev, which tells about the Russian jurist, statesman, writer, translator, historian of the church, the main ideologist of the reforms of Alexander III, who in 1880-1905 held the post of Attorney General of His Holiness Synod, Konstantin Pobedonostsev.

Users have opportunity to learn about the history of the building of the Holy Synod, which today houses the Presidential Library, as well as the Holy Synod itself, the church authority formed under Peter at the film "Senatskaya, 3". The documentary also tells about the creation of the Presidential Library - one of the three national libraries of the Russian Federation.

People have always tried to store and transmit information, gradually developing technologies for its storage. One way to extend the life of a document is to digitize it. The film Preservation of Cultural Heritage is devoted to this topical issue.

Presentation video The Presidential Library. Time for Development will introduce the main directions of the institution's activities as a national electronic storage facility, as well as a multimedia multifunctional (cultural, educational, scientific, information and analytical) center.

The expression Brusilov offensive has been a symbol of victory for more than a century. “An operation is rarely named by the name of a commander”, - says historian Sergei Bazanov in the documentary From Cavalrymen to Commanders-in-Chief, prepared by the historical channel 365 Days TV. The film, which is shown on the Presidential Library's portal to coincide with the 105th anniversary of the offensive operation, will tell about the Russian and Soviet commander Alexei Brusilov - the commander-in-chief of the Southwestern Front, in Soviet Russia - the chief inspector of the cavalry of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army.

The schedule of broadcasts of films and video lectures for the coming week is available on the Presidential Library’s portal in Live broadcasts section.

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