The Presidential Library holds a contest "The Future of the Fatherland in the Hands of a Teacher"

20 March – 15 August 2023

Marking the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, the Presidential Library holds a contest of pedagogical projects "The Future of the Fatherland in the Hands of a Teacher". The contest partners are the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia and the online publication Uchitelskaya Gazeta.

The purpose of the new contest is to identify successful pedagogical practices and reveal the possibilities of the electronic collections of the Presidential Library as a resource base for use in the educational and upbringing process.

One of the main conditions for participation in the contest is the obligatory use of at least two sources from the electronic collections of the Presidential Library, which contain more than a million depository items. These are book publications, archival documents, periodicals, photo, audio and video materials in various disciplines, including Russian history, social studies, the Russian language, literature, geography and other areas.

Teachers of educational organizations of the Russian Federation and specialists of information and library centers with at least one year of work experience will attend the event. The number of participants from one organization is not limited, however, collective participation is not provided - each project must be completed by one author. The contest participation is free. Detailed conditions are specified in the Regulations on the contest of pedagogical projects.

The projects will be evaluated in 7 categories: "The best lesson of the Russian language", "The best lesson of literature", "The best lesson of history", "The best lesson of social studies", "The best lesson of geography", "The best lesson of the fundamentals of the spiritual and moral culture of the peoples of Russia", "The best educational event". 

The contest participants can submit no more than one work in each of the nominations.

The contest started on March 20, 2023 and will be held in three stages:

- qualifying stage - from March 20 to August 15 (registration of participants, acceptance of contest projects in electronic form, selection of no more than 10 best projects in each nomination);

- semi-final - from September 6 to 20 (selection of three finalists in each nomination);

- final - from September 25 to October 24 (reception of video recordings of approbation of contest projects and selection of winners).

Documents for participation in the qualifying stage of the Contest are uploaded through the electronic registration system on the Presidential Library’s portal page Documents for participation in the final of the Contest are sent to the email address  

The application form and requirements for the structure and design of projects are specified in the Regulations.

The results of each stage, as well as operational information about the contest, will be published on the Presidential Library’s portal page

The winners of the Contest will be determined by the total amount of points scored for all stages of the Contest. When evaluating contest works, among other criteria, the validity of the choice of the resources of the Presidential Library and the completeness of their use will be taken into account.

Winners in each of the nominations of the Contest will be invited to the Presidential Library for the awards ceremony. They will receive diplomas and the right to place the development on the Presidential Library’s portal.