The exhibition “Solovki: Winter Light” available at the Presidential Library

17–31 January 2024

From January 17-31, 2024 the Presidential Library hosts the opening of the multimedia exhibition “Solovki: Winter Light”, dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the foundation of the first monastic settlement on the Solovetsky archipelago. This anniversary, in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia, will be celebrated in 2029.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta, together with the Foundation for the Preservation and Development of the Solovetsky Archipelago, as well as the Arkhangelsk branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia, will present the beauty and extraordinary power of the Solovetsky Islands: the polar lights, the domes of temples creating a graphic plot on the snow blanket of the Holy Lake, a winter rainbow, "hugging" the sky above the Kremlin... The exhibition will display forty photographs depicting winter Solovki. Their authors are photojournalist of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta Nikolai Gernet and press secretary of the Foundation for the Preservation and Development of the Solovetsky Archipelago Denis Yakovlev. 

The ancient Russian monastery has always remained a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Orthodox people from all over the world and an outpost of Russia in the Arctic. 170 years ago, during the Crimean War, the Solovetsky fortress repulsed the English squadron. It also went through the trials of the 20th century, and not so long ago the bells began to ring over the islands again.

The warmth and light of the Solovetsky land may be seen and felt by all visitors to the exhibition.

To visit the exhibition please pre-register by phone: (812) 334-25-14 or email at

Accreditation of media representatives

Please forward applications for accreditation following the attached form marked “Media Accreditation” at, Tatyana Pechnikova, tel. (812) 305-16-21, ext. 534; mob. +7 921 998-06-78.

The letter should contain the full name, date and place of birth, passport data (series, number, place of registration), a list of carry-on equipment, contact phone numbers, the name of the media.

We draw the attention of the media representatives that it is necessary to forward applications for accreditation and arrive at the event in advance.

Entrance to the Presidential Library is carried out only by prior registration and upon showing a passport: for media representatives - through entrance № 2, participants and guests of the event - through entrance № 1.

In order to reduce the risks of the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the use of personal protective equipment during the event is mandatory for all attendees.