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“Foreign View” Photo Contest is launched at the Presidential Library

10 October 2013

June 18, 2013,

“Foreign View” is a project intended for capturing the diversity of social, political, cultural, and other symptoms and signs of our time. The rapprochement of peoples, cultures and traditions, travels and overcoming the language barrier increasingly blur the boundaries, getting into our lives. Deep and accurate view of a man with a camera impartially stops a moment, preserving for the history a photographic snapshot of today.

This year's motto of the contest is the "Language in a Changing World." Photos will be judged in 6 nominations: 

- Immortality of the People is in Their Language

- Cognizing the other, you cognize yourself

- Innovations and traditions

- Nostalgia

- Photo Series

- Holland through the Eyes of the Russians

The sixth nomination is announced in the framework of the Year of the Netherlands in Russia and the Year of Russia in the Netherlands.

During the three years of the contest “Foreign View” the organizing committee has received photos from more than 30 countries around the world, on the whole, about 2000 shots. Part of them, selected by experts, has been added to the electronic holdings of the Presidential Library.