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The research works on the polar convoys are offered to the Presidential Library

13 September 2016

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at 11 am a book by American historian David Schwind entitled the “Blue Seas, Red Stars” will be donated to the Presidential Library stock. A release of this book was timed to the 75th anniversary of the arrival in Russia of the first allied convoy named “A Dervish.”

The representatives of the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg, members of the presidium of the “Polar convoy” regional public organization and veterans of the Arctic convoys are planning to take part in the ceremony at the Presidential Library. In addition, the Presidential Library fund will be added with the videos dedicated to the history of the Arctic convoys and the activities of the “Polar convoy” regional public organization.

An accreditation for media representatives lasts till 3 pm on September 12.

Please fill out the attached application for accreditation form and email it to:, Maria Perestoronina, the Press Service of the Presidential Library, tel.: (812) 305 1621, ext. 781, mob. +7 (921) 099 9752.

The attached form must specify a media name, a full name of media representative, a date and a place of rep’s birth, full passport or picture id details (series, number, when and by what body it was issued), a place of registration, a carry-on equipment, and the contact phone numbers.

Please be aware, that the media representatives enter the Presidential Library through an entrance № 2 and strictly with passport or picture id.