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The VIII Scientific and Practical Conference focused on the “Cultural Heritage: the Resources Integration in Digital Environment” will be held in the Presidential Library

5–6 October 2017

The Presidential Library jointly with the Federal Archive Agency, the Union of Museums of Russia, the Russian Library Association hold the VIII Scientific and Practical Conference focused on the “Cultural Heritage: Integration of Resources in the Digital Environment” within the framework of the Annual Integration Forum.


Event venue: the Presidential Library.

3 Senatskaya Square, St. Petersburg, 190000.

Dates: October 5-6, 2017.


There are the state and prospects of integration of digital resources at the national and regional levels, the organization of effective information retrieval, as well as a number of other relevant questions in the agenda of discussions. The main emphasis will be placed on the information library, archival and museum environment as an innovative software and technology platform for the formation of a shared space of knowledge.

It is planned to arrange:

- The round tables focusing on “Unidentified photographic heritage: to the issues of identification and presentation,” “Web resources as a source of acquisition of the electronic stock: opportunities and prospects,” “Institutions and organizations of the Russian Empire: to the issues of building of digital collections,” “The new approaches to the information technologies.”

- Panel discussion dedicated to “National system of the RUSMARC formats: part two.”

We invite to participate in the conference: representatives of libraries, archives, museums, educational and scientific institutions, public associations and organizations of federal and regional levels.

Registration of participants is open on the Presidential Library website. Please, fill out the online application.

Please submit your application for participation in the conference as a speaker by September 16, 2017, as a listener - by September 25, 2017.

Shortly before the conference, on October 3-5, 2017, the Presidential Library will conduct the “Building of Digital Content: Methods and Practices” training seminar. In the program - reviewing the questions of selection of information resources, scanning, cataloging, and an access to collections, as well as a thematic block on copyright and a conclusion of licensing agreements.

Operational information is published on the Presidential Library website under the “Conferences” at