Living environment of contemporary men will be studied within a multimedia competition of the Presidential Library

3 July – 1 November 2017

In 2017 the Presidential Library once again calls to join the “Foreign View” International Annual Multimedia Competition. This year the library for the first time beside photographs accepts for the competition videos, that why ROSKINO actively supports multimedia competition. That way the chances to contribute into creation of the national electronic fund are growing. Acceptance of works for the competition, which this year will be held for the eighth time, begins on July 3 - at the period of holidays, vacations and effective travels. Information about the Presidential Library project is available on the site

The slogan of this year’s “Foreign View” competition is Living Environment, since an idea of a beauty of the surrounding world and accustoming to a careful behavior towards the nature by the means of art is close to many. It has no geographical or age boundaries. According to the terms of the multimedia competition anyone can participate in it uploading his work to the website agreeing designated nominations. The major clause is that the competition accepts projects made by Russians abroad and by foreigners in Russia.

The organizers of multimedia competition traditionally attempted to cover the most topical, widely responding themes. The same name nomination “Living Environment” is dedicated to genre photographs demonstrating the influence of man on the environment, an involvement and a place of people in preserving the ecological balance. For the “Protected Land” nomination will be accepted the images of unique natural monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, reserves and national parks. A being of wild animals in their natural habitat will be demonstrated by the “Miracles of the animal world” nomination, and “Magic macrocosm” will demonstrate the secrets of nature through a macrophotography.

Traditionally, the “Foreign View” competition includes a geographical nomination. In 2017, it will be dedicated to Switzerland and will collect the pictures of landscapes taken in this country. Often the best shots during the travels are taken on smartphones. Photos and videos can be also uploaded in Instagram with the hashtag #foreignview2017. In this category, the winner will be determined with a use of popular vote.

For the first time, the fragments of documentary chronicles, archival video materials and footages from personal archives are accepted for the competition.

The objective of each author in this project is not only to win in the nomination, but also to become part of the world community, which annually creates for the future generations digital chronicle of the brightest events of our time. The best pictures of the participants are included in the photo album, which, along with the best videos, will add to the electronic fund of the Presidential Library. The sources sent to the multimedia competition become a part of exhibitions on various cultural venues of the country.