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Public video lecturing of the Presidential Library on the occasion of 200th anniversary of a writer A. K. Tolstoy

19 September 2017

“An admirer of the decent muse: on the 200th anniversary of the birth of A. K. Tolstoy” public video lecturing from the “Knowledge of Russia” cycle, dedicated to the bicentennial of the famous Russian poet and writer will take place in the Presidential Library on September 19, 2017. The event will begin at 11 am and will be aired live on the Presidential Library website.

Leading researcher of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, PhD in Philology Vladimir Kotelnikov, will appear with a speech: “A. K. Tolstoy in life and in literature.” Students learn about the crucial facts of the writer’s life, which played an important role in the development of his personality and influenced his work, as well as about the national-cultural, public and literary atmosphere of his work, his best writings.

The head of the Philological Center of the “Russkoye Slovo” (lit. Russian word) publishing house, PhD in Philology Alexei Fyodorov will tell about the thematic diversity of the writer's work: apart from maintaining the timeless relevance of such eternal categories such as beauty, faith and love, Count Tolstoy in his works also responded to the events of present reality.

Leading librarian of the library named after N. A. Nekrasov and curator of the “Living room of Count A. K. Tolstoy” project Ksenia Charyeva will review writer’s life in St. Petersburg. This project pays special attention to Petersburg’s chapters of the writer's life, noticing that there is no a single place dedicated to him in the city. Meanwhile, Tolstoy spent most of his life in St. Petersburg: he served here, was friends with Alexander II, published his works, and met the only muse — his wife Sofya Andreyevna. In addition, not far from St. Petersburg there was Tolstoy’s favorite estate — Pustynka (means, little cozy and quite area), where he was engaged in creative work and spent time with his friends-writers.

The students of St. Petersburg State University, the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin, St. Petersburg State University of Culture will attended the event.


An accreditation of media representatives for the event is a must and will continue until 3 pm on September 18, 2017.

Please, submit your applications for accreditation in the attached form with the “Media accreditation” note in subject line over email,, Natalia Korkonosenko, phone: (812) 305 1621, ext. 265; mobile: +7 (921) 427 8648.

Your application on the attached form must specify a media name, a full name of media representative, a date and a place of representative’s birth, full passport or picture id details (series, number, when and by what body it was issued, place of residence), a carry-on equipment (including notebooks and tablet computers), and the contact phone numbers.

Please be advised, that the event participants and guests enter the Presidential Library through the entrance  1, and the media representatives — through the entrance  2 by appointment only and without any exceptions upon presentment of passport or picture id.