Mikhail Muravyov (1796–1866)

Mikhail Muravyov (1796–1866)

A collection is dedicated to the life, military, civil and community services, and a scientific work of an outstanding Russian imperial statesman, a senator, a minister, an academic, a founding member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, General of Infantry, count Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov-Vilensky. A setup of this collection coincides with two related to mister Muravyov commemorative dates at once − the 220th anniversary of his birth and the 150 years from his death − a memory of that reputable citizen is widely honored for the first time during a hundred years in 2016.

The collection includes digital copies of rare and inaccessible books about count M. N. Muravyov, the reproductions of unpublished documents relating to all the major periods of his life: the military-pedagogical initiatives of his early youth years, a participation in military campaigns during 1812-1814, the Governor’s appointments (Grodno, Kursk, Mogilev) and a service on the ministerial positions, the organization of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, a contribution into a development of the bills of the epoch of great reforms, a restoration of public order after putting down the uprisings in the North-West of the Empire.

The collection included 199 documents.

The sources for the collection are courtesy of the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Historical Archive, the Moscow Regional State Scientific Library named after N. K. Krupskaya, the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, the Russian State Library, the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library, the Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky, and the Tambov Oblast Universal Scientific Library.

  • Biography. Family.

    The section features archival documents, scientific papers, memories of life of Mikhail Muravyov, his immediate relatives.
  • Activity

    The most extensive section of the collection is represented by several subsections: "Materials on the service activity of Mikhail Muravyov"; "Documents prepared by Mikhail Muravyov (reports, memos, notes…)"; "Mikhail Muravyov and peasant reform (1861-1866)"; "The suppression of the uprising in the North-West region of the Russian Empire (1863-1865)"; "Mikhail Muravyov and geography". Here are presented the documents on the service activity of Mikhail Muravyov, which remained in his personal fund (GA RF. F. 811.) In the collections of state authorities (such as the Department of the Ministry of the Imperial Court of destinies - RSHA F. 515.), committees, commissions and non-governmental organizations, where Mikhail Muravyov worked (RSHA). Some of the documents have been published in scientific works and periodicals. The section includes memories of statesmen of contemporaries of Mikhail Muravyov. One of the subsections describes Mikhail Muravyov as a Vice-Chairman and one of the founders of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.
  • Correspondence

    This section contains letters of Mikhail Muravyov to D. Bludov, V. Dolgoruky, E. Kankrin and other finance ministers, S. S. Lansky, A. F. Orlov, and also composed by S. D. Sheremetev preface to the publication of correspondence of Mikhail Muravyov. The section also contains letters to Mikhail Muravyov, which senders were h numerous state (V. F. Adlerberg, A. M. Gorchakov, P. A. Valuev, I. I. Vasilchikov, A. A. Zeleny, P. D . Kiselev, E. P. Kovalevsky, D. A. Milutin, V. I. Nazimov, etc.) and public figures, metropolitans, archbishops and bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, writers, journalists and others.
  • Memory of Mikhail Muravyov

    The section contains archival documents, periodical press materials about honoring the memory of Mikhail Muravyov, in particular, the opening of the monument and museum in the city of Vilna, the financial assistance to students and pupils, the list of documents of Mikhail Muravyov, memories contemporaries about him.