Presidential Library: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Presidential Library: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Presidential Library, which has a status of the national library of Russia, was opened on May 27, 2009. It is the national electronic repository of digital copies of the most important documents on history, theory and practice of Russian statehood, Russian language, and also the multimedia multifunctional (cultural, educational, research, information and analytical) center. A special collection has been prepared to mark the 10th anniversary of its opening. It is dedicated to the history of the library’s foundation, collection acquisition policy, development of the regional network, scientific and methodological, educational and cultural activities, as well as the cooperation between the Presidential Library and organizations in Russia and abroad. The collection comprehensively presents documents and materials of various types, which spotlight the development of the library from the moment when the decision on its foundation was taken in 2007.

Over the decade the national electronic resource was created from scratch on the basis of well grounded scientific, organizational and technological principles. This was made possible through the cooperation between the Presidential Library and many partners, primarily regional ones. The network of library’s remote electronic reading rooms, regional centers and branches began to develop, thus allowing to create unique digital collections of materials on regional studies.

Moreover, the Presidential Library is developing another network – the network of scientific expert community. The Academic Council has been established at the library. Scientific forums, conferences and roundtable meetings are also regularly held. Collections of materials are published to highlight the results of scientific events. Collections of works of the Presidential Library covering various thematic areas also come out on a regular basis. Being a scientific and methodological center for the development of digital content and cataloging of digital copies of various types of documents, the Presidential Library supports the activities of libraries, archives and museums, publishes translations of international standards and its own scientific and practical guidelines.

Another important direction in the development of the library is scientific and educational work. The combination of innovative information and communication technologies, up-to-date methods of in-person and distance learning and extensive collections on the humanities give an opportunity to hold various contests, olympiads, multimedia lessons, video lectures, traditional and virtual tours in a new format. The formula “unity of traditions and innovations”, which involves application of latest technologies for the presentation of library information resources in a format that is attractive to modern generation, has been successfully implemented.

At the moment, the electronic collection available on the portal includes 344 items and consists of official documents, scientific studies, collections of research works, methodological materials and papers, annual reports, periodicals, informational booklets, documentary films, news, presentation and information videos, photo albums and photo reports, visual materials from the Presidential Library’s collections, as well as documents from the official website of the President of Russia, the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation, Agentstvo Inform-Planeta publishing house, private collections and other sources.

The collection will continue to grow as new documents are added.

  • General section

    The general section contains legal documents related to the history of foundation of the Presidential Library, a video of the opening ceremony, annual reports of the Presidential Library published during 2010-2018, thematic issues of Bibliotechnoye Delo journal, information booklets, documentary films and videos about the Presidential Library, and other promotional materials. The section also features links to Presidential Library’s pages on social media websites.

  • Presidential Library’s collections

    The section features documents, which regulate the Presidential Library’s collection acquisition policy, as well as materials about library’s basic and other major thematic electronic collections.

  • Scientific and methodological activities focused on librarianship

    The section contains collections of research works published in “Electronic Library” series, scientific and methodological collections on cataloging and development of electronic collections, translations of international standards, video lectures given by the Presidential Library’s specialists.

  • Scientific activities focused on state and law

    The section contains documents related to the Academic Council of the Presidential Library, collections of research works published in the series "Electronic Legislation", "Digital Archive", "Documents and Materials", “Studia Historico-Juridica” (Historical Jurisprudence) etc., materials of scientific conferences and video reports of the Presidential Library’s specialists.

  • Educational activities

    The section presents materials on various educational projects of the Presidential Library (Knowledge of Russia video lectures, Russia in the Electronic World Olympiad, The Presidential Chronicle and Gosudarika projects, multimedia lessons, educational films etc.).

  • Cultural and educational activities

    The section contains materials, which spotlight cultural and educational projects of the Presidential Library (Foreign View and Our Olympics photo contests, Cinema Club and Poetry Club). A subsection features documentary films prepared by the Presidential Library, including cycles of films about the monuments of Veliky Novgorod and Staraya Ladoga.

  • Exhibition activities

    The section consists of documents, which highlight the exhibitions of the Presidential Library, including video tours, exhibition catalogs, exhibition booklets, electronic exhibitions, as well as virtual tours of the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions of the Presidential Library and virtual tours around St. Petersburg museums prepared by the Presidential Library’s specialists.

  • International activities

    The section consists of photographs, which spotlight international relations of the Presidential Library.