Altai Republic

Altai Republic

The collections “Altai Republic: Pages of History” and “Gorny Altai in the Works of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society” are featured.

  • Altai Republic: pages of history

    The collection features official documents, studies, archival, statistical, visual and audiovisual materials of different years, describing the geographical position, administrative, socio-economic and cultural state of regions included in the current Altai Territory.

  • Gorny Altai in the works of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society

    The joint collection of the Presidential Library and the National Library of Republic of Altai features scientific monographs, articles, reports, memos, expedition materials, journals, travel notes, essays, descriptions, reviews, statistical, visual, cartographic and other materials, published on the pages of periodicals and continuing publications of the Russian Geographical Society in 1865-1917 and describing the territory of Gorny Altai, as well as the life and work of its explorers.