Novgorod State National Park and Museum in photographs

Novgorod State National Park and Museum in photographs

Velikiy Novgorod, one of the oldest Russian cities (first mention in Nikon Chronicle dates back to 859), is located at the source of the River Volkhov and Lake Ilmen. Ancient Novgorod is a place, where the tribes of Ilmen Slaves asked the Varangians to reign in 862. The history of the city is closely connected with the origin and stages of formation of the Russian statehood. In the territory of Novgorod and its environs there is still a large number of monuments of architecture and monumental painting of the 11th – 17th cc.

Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve was founded May 4, 1865 as a Museum of Antiquities at the Novgorod Provincial Statistical Committee by a clergyman and writer Nikolai Bogoslovsky. The museum was created in honor of the thousandth anniversary of the Russian State, celebrated then.

Currently, Novgorod United Museum-Reserve is one of the oldest in Russia. It consists of a some architectural monuments of the 11th – 17th cc. Museum includes about 20 departments involved in the exhibition, scientific, archaeological, restoration, education, excursion and other activities. The museum owns such unique collections as a collection of paintings, jewelry, blacksmith’s works, weaving and sewing of the 10th – 18th cc.

Photo collection "Novgorod Museum-Reserve" marks the 150th anniversary of the museum foundation. Photos brought together in the collection were made during the filming of the documentary "Novgorod. 1150 Years in the History of Russian State" and a four-part film-video lecture "Russian Icon in the Collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve." There is 91 photo albums featuring architectural sites of the 11th – 19th cc., which are part of the museum. The albums also reflect the restoration and exhibition work of the museum.

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Novgorod. 1150 Years in the History of Russian State : [documentary] / dir. by Т. Dyakonova (28 min. 10 s.)

Russian Icon in the Collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve: [videolecture] : 4 parts / lecturer Yu. Komarova ; dir. by Т. Dyakonova

Part 1 (25 min. 50 s.)

Part 2 (27 min. 03 s.)

Part 3 (33 min. 06 s.)

Part 4 (30 min. 10 s.)

  • Museum-Reserve

    Under the heading "Museum-Reserve" one will find photo albums containing views of architectural sites, located on the territory of the Novgorod Museum Reserve. The section includes three subsections formed by territorial principle - "Novgorod Kremlin", "Trading Part" and "Novgorod Environs."
  • Exhibitions

    The "Exhibitions" section presents the exhibitions, which were on display in 2012. The section includes four subsections, each of which covers a particular exhibition, "Novgorod in the History of Russian State," "Golden Room of Veliky Novgorod. Jeweller’s Art in the 5th – 19th cc.," "Russian Icon in the11th – 19th cc.," "Revived from Ruins. Transfiguration Church in Kovalyovo and Its Frescoes.
  • Restoration Activities

    "Restoration Activities" section includes photo albums with views of the interiors of three workshops, which are engaged in restoration of fresco paintings, and photo albums with images of frescoes collected by method of Grekovs spouses.
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