Volgograd Region: pages of history

Volgograd Region: pages of history

The selection includes researches, essays, memories, archival documents, official statistic collected works and reviews, as well as minutes of uyezd Zemstvo meetings covering history, archaeology, economy, demography and military-administrative development of the territories of the 13th – 20th centuries which now compose the Volgograd Region (former Tsaritsyn and Kamyshin districts of Saratov Governorate).

Volgograd region. Coat of arms

On the release of sums for the needs of the geological, botanical and Asian museums of the IMPERIAL Academy of Sciences.1901. - 1901. -15L .. - (Department of Industry, Science and Trade .. Inventory to the resolved affairs of the State Council of the Department of Industry, Science and Trade of 1901.). -
. Source of electronic copy: RGIA
Location of original: РГИА Ф.1153 Оп.1 1901 Д.91


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