Tver Region: pages of history

Tver Region: pages of history

The selection includes archival documents, essays, studies, statistics, photographs of the early 19th - early 20th centuries covering demographic, geographic, socio-economic, socio-political and other aspects of the history of the Tver Region. It also shows the current Statute of the Tver Region.

Дело по донесению Тверского губернатора о пожертвовании тверского дворянства месячной пропорцией провианта и жалования, собранного для ополчения, в пособие разоренным от неприятеля

Russia. Department of Police Executive. The case of the report of the Tver governor on the donation of the Tver nobility by the monthly proportion of provisions and salaries collected for the militia, in the allowance ruined by the enemy. 1812.


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