Alexander Suvorov (1730–1800)

Alexander Suvorov (1730–1800)

The proposed collection is timed to the anniversary of Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov - the Great Russian commander, who never lost battles, the holder of all Russian orders of his time. The collection includes digital copies of research, scientific and popular publications, collections of documents and visual materials.

The first section includes materials containing biographical information about the commander, including books written by him.

The second section of the collection includes works that reveal different aspects of military activities of generalissimo. Of particular attention is his own military-theoretical work "The Science of Winning".

The third section includes materials on the anniversaries of A. V. Suvorov, images of monuments and places associated with the name and activity of the general, literary works about him.

The collection includes 65 units.

The collection contains materials from the collections of the Vladimir Regional Scientific Library, the Suvorov State Museum, the State Public Historical Library, the Children's Museum of Postcards, the Cultural and Historical Foundation "The Link of Times" (the Faberge Museum), the N. K. Krupskaya Moscow Regional State Scientific Library, the M. Y. Lermontov Penza Regional Library, the A. S. Pushkin Tambov Regional Universal Scientific Library.