Russian History textbooks

Russian History textbooks

  • History of textbooks

    The “History of textbooks” section represents an introduction to the collection “Russian history textbooks” and familiarizes the reader with biographies of authors and compilers of textbooks, thus takes a role of a commentary to a number of textbooks. The section contains encyclopedias, research papers, scientific works from collected articles, prefaces to contemporary republished books, which are provided in the collection.
  • Pre-revolutionary textbooks for the elementary school

    This section contains textbooks, pictures of history with commentaries, reading-books meant for elementary school. The main purpose of these editions is to give general idea about the history of the country and foster the feeling of patriotism and love for Motherland.
  • Pre-revolutionary editions for the secondary school

    This section contains a rich collection of books for the secondary school - textbooks and more detailed editions, historical atlases, pictures of history, reading books, which were published in XIX - beginning of XX century.
  • Pre-revolutionary textbooks for higher education

    By the end of XIX - beginning of XX cent. Russian higher education had well developed traditions of teaching and studying the history of the country. This section contains the university lecture courses, including the lithographic editions of hand-written synopses of famous historians, and the summarized works of Russian history.
  • Russian abroad textbooks

    Due to the emigration in XX century a large number of Russian historians found themselves abroad, where they carried out the pre-revolutionary historical tradition and favoured the development of Russian studies in Europe and America. This section contains the textbooks and general works on the history of Russia.
  • Soviet textbooks for secondary school

    In Soviet Russia the History of the USSR became one of the main school subjects. This section includes the editions (textbooks, historical atlases and illustrations), which were used for teaching in the secondary school.
  • Soviet textbooks for higher education

    This section includes editions – textbooks and lecture courses, which were used in institutions of higher education. In Soviet period the history of USSR was a required subject in all institutions of higher education.
  • Modern textbooks for secondary school

    Modern school textbooks of Russian history unlike other textbooks are notable for the authors’ aspiration to demonstrate the main historical events and phenomena from the modern scientific standpoint. The use of various methodological aids such as extracts from the sources, the illustrative material, schemes, tables, tasks for self-test serve this aim.
  • Modern textbooks for higher education

    The authors of modern textbooks of Russian history for higher education try to represent the main historical events and phenomena in the light of latest scientific research. The University courses differ considerably in conceptual approaches and present various viewpoints on some events of Russian history.
  • Methods of teaching history

    This section includes editions focused on methods of teaching history, which came out within two centuries of the existing systematic history course in Russia. They allow to follow goals and objectives, set by teachers of history, familiarize the reader with academic curriculum and programs, principal methods of teaching and upbringing.
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