West-Siberian Railway

West-Siberian Railway

The collection is dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the West-Siberian Railway - one of the leading steel highways of Russia, which connects the railways of Eastern Siberia with the roads of the Urals and the European part of Russia, it organizes the transportation of transit cargo and passenger traffic in five subjects of the Russian Federation: the Omsk, the Novosibirsk, the Kemerovo and the Tomsk regions and the Altai territory, and partly on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The collection includes research, essays, reports, reviews, manuals, data sheets, guides, maps, directories, periodicals, graphic and video materials related to the history of the West-Siberian railway.

The collection includes more than 300 units.

In preparing the collection were used materials from the funds of the Tomsk Regional Universal Scientific Library, the Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library, the Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library, the Children's Museum of Postcard, the West Siberian Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Libraries of the West-Siberian Railway, the Kemerovo Regional Scientific Library, the State Public Historical Library of the Irkutsk Regional State Universal Scientific Library, the Russian State Library, the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library and the Central Naval Library.

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