Recent collections

Recent collections

Sergey Solovyov (1820-1879)

The collection is devoted to the 200th anniversary of Sergey Solovyov (1820-1879), the outstanding Russian historian, academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. It features biographical research, documents about his career, various editions of History of Russia from the Earliest Times and other works, as well as documents on the founding of a Solovyov's scholarship at the St. Vladimir University.

History of statistics of the Altai (Mining) District

The collection is devoted to the development of the system of state and zemstvo statistics in Western Siberia and the activities of the Statistical Department under the General Directorate of the Altai District. The collection features digital copies of statistical studies, archival materials and scientific publications.

State Duma in the history of Russian statehood

The collection marks the 115th anniversary of the First Duma of the Russian Empire. It comprises the constituent documents, archival materials, political writings, research, verbatim records of meetings, reviews of activities and illustrative materials.

Sergei Kirov (1886-1934)

The collection is devoted to the 135th anniversary of Sergei Mironovich Kirov (Kostrikov) (1886-1934), the Soviet party leader and politician. The collection features speeches, reports and articles by Sergei Kirov published the 1920-1940s; biographical essays and memoirs about Kirov, issued after his death; materials from the Leningrad and central press of the 1930s-40s, archival documents from the Civil War period, as well as photographs and postcards with portraits of Sergei Kirov and memorable places associated with him.

Governing Senate in the history of Russian statehood

The collection marks the 310th anniversary of the establishment of the Governing Senate. It features studies, reports, decrees and orders, reference publications, archival documents and graphic materials that represent the activities of the Governing Senate from the XVIII century to the beginning of the XX century.