Russian America

Russian America

Russian America is collectively referred to the lands or whatsoever at the property of the Russian Empire on the North American continent. They included Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, Alexander's Archipelago, settlements on the Pacific Coast (Fort Ross, originally Fortress Ross) and the Hawaiian Islands (Fort Elizabeth, or Elizabethan Fortress).

During the 18th century, Russian navigators made several expeditions to the American shores. The first Russian settlement - Pavlovskaya Harbor - was founded on the Kodiak Island in 1784. An Orthodox mission arrived on the island in 1793 and immediately began building the temple.

By the decree of Paul I in 1799 the Russian-American Company was established, which in fact controlled the Russian properties in America. The same year Fort Mikhailovsky was established (Novo-Arkhangelsk), which since the beginning of the XIX century became the capital of Russian America. Founded in 1812 in California Fort Ross became the southern outpost of Russian possessions.

In 1867, Alaska was sold to the United States. Fort Ross was sold even earlier, in 1841.

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