Leningrad Region

Leningrad Region

  • Leningrad Region: pages of history

    The selection presents studies, sketches, documents, photo and video materials, that reveal the geographical, socio-economic, political and other aspects of the history of the Leningrad Region in the period of the 18th - early 20th centuries. There is also the current Charter of the Leningrad Region.

  • Tikhvin District

    Tikhvin is one of the historically significant towns in Russia, located in the Leningrad Region. The town's name comes from the combination of two words of the Veps language: "tikh" and "vin" which means "road-path" and "water", i. e. the waterway. The town is located on the ancient trade waterway. The lands adjacent to the modern town of Tikhvin were inhabited by people already in 3000-2000 BC as evidenced by archaeological finds, which date back to the Dyakovo culture (early Iron Age).

  • Kirishi and Kirishsky District of Leningrad Region

    Nowadays Kirishi is one of the most rapidly developing towns in the north-west of Russia, while its fuel and energy enterprises are the largest in this region. Since the foundation of Kirishi in the early 1960s the Communist Youth League (Komsomol) members had been the driving force of development of the town. Present-day youth organizations carry on their traditions. Together they create the new history of Kirishi – the forward-looking town.