Republic of Dagestan

Republic of Dagestan

  • Republic of Dagestan: pages of history

    The collection contains historical and local research, archival documents, photo- and audio materials, revealing the socio-economic, socio-political and cultural development of the Republic of Dagestan and the peoples living on its territory since ancient times. The current Constitution of the region is also presented.

  • Derbent (Republic of Dagestan)

    Derbent is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia. Due to the convenient geographical location, it had for centuries been an important commercial and military-political center of the Caspian region. Studies, sketches, archival documents, photographs and other materials of the collection represent the diversity of the historical past of the city, celebrating in 2015 the 2000th anniversary of its foundation.
  • Architectural Monuments of Dagestan

    The collection features 44 albums with 823 black-and-white and color photos of defensive and religious constructions dating to the 4th – 10th centuries located in various regions of the Republic of Dagestan. Materials have been provided by the Republican Center for Preservation of Historical, Cultural and Architectural Monuments (Makhachkala).