Albert Charkin (1937–2017)

Albert Charkin (1937–2017)

The collection is timed to the 80th birthday of A. S. Charkin (1937—2017), People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, a sculptor, an educator, and a prominent public figure.

Albert Serafimovich was born in the Tula Oblast, after serving in the Navy he came to Leningrad to go back to school. The entire destiny of Charkin was associated with the city on the Neva.

In 1972, a young sculptor was admitted to the Union of Artists of the USSR. From 1987 to 1996, he was elected a deputy chairman of the board of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia (until 1991 — Leningrad Branch of the Union). From 2001 to 2010, A. S. Charkin — the rector of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Y. Repin.

Among the most known sculptor’s works are a monument to Peter I in the light hall of the Moscow Railway Station in St. Petersburg, a monument to S. Yesenin in the Tauride Garden, a portrait sculpture of V. Chkalov near the metro station “Chkalovskaya,” the bust of A. Gorchakov in the Alexander Garden, the sculpture of Gorodovoy — the 19th century city policeman of the Russian Empire tome at the intersection of Malaya Konyushennaya street and the Shwedsky Alleyway, as well as a monument to the Good Soldier Svejk on the Balkanskaya Square. The high reliefs of the work of A. S. Charkin, V. D. Sveshnikov and B. A. Petrov adorned the obelisk to the “Hero-City of Leningrad” on the Vosstaniya Square. The sculptor actively contributed into the creation and put the finishing touches on the monument to Alexander Nevsky on the square of the same name. Materials relating to many of the named monuments were included in the collection. A selection of rare photographs depicting sculptures of small forms is worthy of special attention.

The collection includes the digital copies of documents, photographs, newspaper articles, thank you letters, certificates of merit, diplomas and other materials.

Overall, the collection numbers 91 entries.

Current collection included materials courtesy of sculptor’s daughter Maria Charkina.

  • Biography

    This section includes the digital copies of documents and newspaper articles containing information about the life and work of A. S. Charkin.
  • Creative work

    This section contains materials about the most acclaimed works of the sculptor. Of particular interest is the story of installation in 1993 a portrait sculpture of Peter the Great in the light hall of the Moscow Railway Station in St. Petersburg instead and on the place of the portrait sculpture of V. I. Lenin, what was followed by the pickets of city residents who was against this decision.
  • Awards

    The section is made of the digital copies of thank you letters, certificates of merit, diplomas and other documents containing information about the awards and recognitions of A. S. Charkin. The materials of that section give an idea of complex professional and public activities of the sculptor.
  • The memory of A. S. Charkin

    This section includes digital copies of the articles and photographs focused on his jubilees of A. S. Charkin and on perpetuation of his memory. The articles associated with the death of the sculptor complete the section.
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