Lev Petrazhitsky (1867–1931)

Lev Petrazhitsky (1867–1931)

Current collation dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of a Russian and a Polish scientist, a legal scholar, a sociologist, a philosopher and a deputy of the first State Duma Lev Petrazhitsky (1867—1931) contains his selected legal studies, a research work of his scientific endeavor, a letter, addressed to the scientist, and the photographs.

Herald of law. G. 30, 1900, No. 1 (Jan.)

        Herald of law. G. 30, 1900, No. 1 (Jan.). St. Petersburg, 1871-1906.1900.

Петражицкий Л. И. Иски о незаконном обогащении в 1 ч. X т. (К характеристике современной юриспруденции) (сканы 7-38)


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