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Commemorative dates in Russia: “Suvorov and Modern Times” exhibition staged in St. Petersburg to mark 290th birth anniversary of military commander

21 November 2019

On November 20, 2019 the Suvorov State Memorial Museum (St. Petersburg) presented the exhibition “Suvorov and Modern Times”. This exhibition opens a series of events marking the 290th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian military commander.

The exposition features military rarities, works of art, books and numismatic items related to Alexander Suvorov. On display are: museum’s first guidebooks and a silver commemorative medal, which was cast in honor of its opening; Orders of Suvorov (three classes); a badge of the cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov – a former student of the Suvorov Military School; oil prints of places in Switzerland associated with Alexander Suvorov’s campaign, which were made by the artist Olga Kalashnikova; well-worn boots of a participant of the Suvorov-220 re-enactment campaign across the Alps, etc.