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Internet and Memory of Russia: Website with family stories about the war launched

29 June 2020

On the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, RT TV Channel launched a website with family stories about the war.

#Victory Stories website presents more than 260 stories about those who fought at the front or worked in the rear during the Great Patriotic War, written by participants of the events or their relatives.

It also features the memoirs and personal archives, as well as a unique series of sketches by the artist Pyotr Bankov. The artist created these works while working on the "Endless Letter" project, which is part of the #Pages of Victory project. #Victory Stories website used a unique type font "May", developed by the #Pages of Victory team together with Contrast Foundry studio. The prototypes of each letter of the type font "May" are real symbols inscribed by the hands of Soviet soldiers 75 years ago on the walls of the half-ruined Reichstag.

Created by young people and for young people, the #Pages of Victory project tells the story of the Second World War through with the means of new media and digital art. The project was running from January to May 2020 on five social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte and YouTube.

This year, RT also launched the #Victory Post project, which collects the stories of those who survived the Siege of Leningrad, signed on the walls of the Reichstag, sheltered Soviet soldiers escaping from concentration camps. #Victory Post project provides the opportunity of writing letters to veterans. The editors will deliver all the messages.