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Museums of Russia: "History in Objects. Foundation of the Tsarskoe Selo" exhibition opened to mark its 310th anniversary

29 June 2020

On June 24, 2020, the Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Heritage Site and the Multimedia Historical Park "Russia is My History" in Saint-Petersburg opened the joint exhibition. The "History in Objects" exposition showcases the three-century history of the summer ceremonial imperial residence and its royal owners. The project was launched online on the page Later it will be presented in the Historical Park in real.

One exhibit or a small set of objects from the museum’s collection will be showcased each month during the year. It will feature a specific event or historical fact of a particular month in historical retrospective. The exhibits will be pieces of fine and decorative art, memorial items, associated with the Romanovs imperial family. Among the exhibits will be the proclamation of Peter I as emperor, the capture of Paris by Russian troops in 1814, the opening of the first railway in Russia, the Emancipation Edict, and others.

The theme of the June exposition is the foundation of Tsarskoe Selo on June 24, 1710. It will feature a medal marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of the city, a poster "Tsarskoe Selo Anniversary Exhibition. 1710-1910. August 10 - September 26, 1911", the medal of the anniversary exhibition of 1911, the design of the tram car and uniform of the tram ticket inspectors of the Tsarskoe Selo City Road.