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History and Culture: "Chekhov's Moscow" exhibition opened in the capital

31 July 2020

The Vladimir Dal State Museum of the History of Russian Literature (Moscow) launched the "Chekhov's Moscow" exhibition.

The exposition presents the items from the collections of the Vladimir Dal State Museum of the History of Russian Literature. It is showcased in the museum's branch - "Apartment House of Lyuboschinsky - Vernadsky", where lots of the writer's friends dwelled. The exhibition features views of Moscow that the Chekhovs saw more than a century ago, as well as the close family environment: writers, doctors, artists, musicians and merchants. The main task was to highlight the creative evolution of the outstanding prose writer and playwright.

It showcases photographs of Moscow of the late XIX - early XX centuries, memorial items of the Chekhovs, original paintings and graphics that adorned the interiors of Chekhov's apartments, books and magazines from the writer's library.