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History and Culture: "The Art of Preservation" exhibition, devoted to the work of museum restorers, opened in Kolomenskoye

21 February 2021

The Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve launched the "The Art of Preservation" exhibition, devoted to the work of museum restorers.

The exhibition displays museum items both already restored and under restoration. It also features photographs before and after. They show all changes and transformations of the artworks in the hands of restorers. The icons illustrate the efforts to reveal the original painting from the darkened varnish. Restorer's tools and a video about the work of museum specialists tell about the conservation of ancient pieces of art.

The collection of the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve comprises over 170 thousand items. The restoration of a particular exhibit depends on its material and involves a restorer with specific skills.

The restorers of the Museum-Reserve are engaged in the conservation of multiple historical and cultural monuments: details of gilded wooden carving and sculpture, furniture, ethnographic objects; fragments of white stone carving of demolished churches and architectural monuments; textile objects that are the most difficult to restore, because of delicate and fragile nature.

Unique monuments restored in Kolomenskoye have been shown at many exhibitions, including foreign ones.

The exhibition will run until February 13, 2022.