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Marking the International Mother Language Day: Exhibition of books in the languages of the peoples of Russia presented in Kursk

21 February 2021
Source: Kultura.RF

The Department of Literature in Foreign Languages of the Nikolai Aseev Kursk Regional Scientific Library arranged a book exhibition marking the International Mother Language Day, a worldwide annual observance by UNESCO held on February 21 to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Russia is one of the most unique countries in the world with the rich national cultures and traditions. Our country is a native land for about two hundred nations and peoples, national and ethnic groups. Each nation has its own authentic culture, native language. Language is not just a means of communication. It is a tool for spreading cultural values, the development and preservation of intangible heritage.

The exhibition presents books in Azerbaijani, Armenian, Ukrainian, Polish, Kalmyk, Enets and other languages.