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History of Russia: Exhibition "The Sons of Kostroma in the Patriotic War of 1812" presented in Moscow

22 February 2021

An exhibition "The Sons of Kostroma in the Patriotic War of 1812" was launched at the "Battle of Borodino" Panorama Museum (Moscow). It features the exhibits from the Kostroma State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

In 1812, representatives of all estates and regions of the Russian Empire united in the struggle against Napoleon. The residents of Kostroma also contributed to the victory.

Since July 1812, Kostroma Province had been part of the 3rd Militia District. Province formed five regiments and a separate battalion with a total of about 16 thousand people. In 1813-1814, the Kostroma Militia took part in the siege of the Glogau fortress.

Each company of the Kostroma Militia had its company emblem with the image of the monogram of Emperor Alexander I and the coat of arms of Kostroma. The exhibition features one of these emblems.

The Kostroma Museum-Reserve introduces the Moscow public with portraits of participants in the Patriotic War of 1812 by the outstanding Russian painters V. A. Tropinin and A. V. Polyakov. Polyakov was a native of Kostroma Province. In the 1820s, along with the English artist George Dawe, he participated in the creation of the grandiose Military Gallery of the Winter Palace in Saint-Petersburg.

The exposition showcases items of officer's camp life of the early XIX century and award documents of participants in the war of 1812 - natives of Kostroma Province. It includes the rare examples of cold arms of 1812 - the Russian golden sword with the inscription "For Courage" and the Prussian sabre with the image of the Iron Cross.