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Museums of Russia: Kazan Kremlin to host the Hermitage Days

18 June 2021

The Hermitage-Kazan Centre launched the exhibition "Five Symbols of Happiness. Best Wishes in Chinese Art of the XVII-XX Centuries from the Collections of the State Hermitage Museum".

The unique exhibition project of the State Hermitage Museum in the Kazan Kremlin will introduce the masterpieces of its rich Chinese collection.

Works of art of different materials and refined techniques represent the wishes of happiness, longevity, wealth, career success, birth of sons and peace. The language of these symbols was clear to all residents of China, from the imperial palace to the peasant hut.

The exhibition features fragile and beautiful porcelain, painted in the most complicated technique with enamel paints, amazing pieces made of jade, lacquer, wood and ivory, enchanting cloisonné and painted enamels, furniture and embroidered silks.

On June 7-20, 2021, the Kazan Kremlin Museum-Reserve will hold the Hermitage Days. The institution promotes special programs during the opening week of the exhibition.