History of Russia: Exhibition "Under the Wings of a Double-Headed Eagle" opened in the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve

10 January 2022

The exhibition "Under the Wings of a Double-Headed Eagle", displayed in the Column Hall of the Pavlovsk Palace, is marking the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of Russia as an empire. This is a joint exposition from the collection of the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve and private collectors - the Karisalov family.

After the victorious end of the long Northern War on October 21 (November 4), 1721, in response to a petition from senators, Tsar Peter Alekseevich accepted the titles of Emperor of All Russia and Father of the Fatherland.

This is not the first joint exhibition of the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve and the Karisalov family. The Pavlovsk Palace highly appreciates this fruitful collaboration, which expands the scope of museum work.

The exhibition is open until April 3, 2022.