IT and memory of Russia: Electronic book of memory to be created in Udmurtia

23 January 2022

The work on collecting information and documents about all participants in the Great Patriotic War who lived on the territory of republic was launched in Udmurtia. 

The fulfillment of this task is impossible without the help of relatives and friends of the participants in the Great Patriotic War and those residents of Udmurtia who have preserved any documents about specific participants in the war.

The Committee for Archives under the Government of Republic of Udmurtia, as the coordinator of this particularly significant project in Udmurtia, calls on the inhabitants of the republic and all fellow countrymen to transfer the preserved documents to the archival authorities and institutions of Udmurtia. Archives will accept original documents or can make copies of them: photographs, soldiers' books, letters from the front, notices, certificates, newspaper clippings, diaries, memoirs and much more. All these documents will be converted into electronic form and will become part of the created personal Memory Books.