Marking the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia: The exhibition “The Traditional Culture of the Peoples of Caucasus” opened in Transbaikal

2 August 2022

The Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of Transbaikal (Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia) holds the exhibition The Traditional Culture of the Peoples of Caucasus based on the collections of the Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg).

The exhibition presents one of the most interesting ethnic-wise regions of Earth. The diverse tradition of Caucasus is shown through a costume – the most expressive feature of any folk culture. All-Caucasian types of clothes are demonstrated via a men’s set, featuring a cherkeska, a papakha and a dagger. The tradition of North-Western Caucasus is shown through an Adyg women’s fitted silhouette costume with a swing dress, a bib and a tall cap.

The costume sets are complemented by individual items and accessories – famous Azerbaijani shawls, elegant embroidered and lace details of headwear of Georgian and Armenian women, distinctive Dagestan women’s jewelry. The exhibition also features unique photographs of the late XIX – early XX century that allow to not only see the details of old costumes, but to also feel the atmosphere of the traditional lifestyle of the peoples of Caucasus.

The exhibition will run until September 18, 2022.