Information technologies and church: ‘Alexander Nevsky, the national ideal of Russia

12 September 2009

The most holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril took part in videoconference ‘Life of saint lord and master prince Alexander Nevsky as an example of historical optimism’. The videoconference was taking place on board of “Mikhail Frunze” motor ship. The participants on board were joined by habitants of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod.

 The Patriarch emphasized a great interest that people display for this outstanding statesman, general, diplomat and patriot and said that ‘having chosen Alexander Nevsky as the name of Russia, the country clearly outlined its national ideal’.

According to Patriarch, ‘legend is a living tradition that maintains a certain norm. Most often this norm is the criteria of truth. And if we are talking about legends and traditions of a nation, it means that tradition, transferred from one generation to another, keeps an unfading legend about a person. And it means that during the centuries this personality goes through purification by national intellect, through verification of its truth by life, in other words passes the most severe and strict exam you can think of’. 

‘We had many generals and statesmen but there are not many personalities whose authority with people would not decrease with passing years and on the contrary would increase becoming actual i.e. modern for every coming generation, - assured the Church’s representative. ‘Alexander Nevsky is one of them, - he outlined. ‘The people never doubted the holiness of Nevsky, - concluded the Patriarch.