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65 Great Victory Anniversary: Veterans in Novgorod receive anniversary medals

19 January 2010

In commemoration of the 66th anniversary of Novgorod’s liberation from the Nazi invaders around 200 of Novgorod veterans will receive anniversary medals "65 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945." at the special meeting. The prizes will be awarded by the Mayor of Veliky Novgorod Yuri Bobryshev and Deputies of the Administration’s Head.

About 7700 residents of Veliky Novgorod have been awarded with the anniversary medal, founded on the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the City Administration inform that this meeting, dedicated to the anniversary of Novgorod’s liberation from Nazis will become the first in the series of functions in commemoration of the Great Victory. "Veterans will be specially invited to these events in order to receive the prize. Those, who due to the state of health will not be able to attend, will get medals at home", - added at the Administration office.

On January, 19 Veliky Novgorod is holding rallies at all military burial places, dedicated to the liberation of Novgorod from Nazis. Schools, museums, institutions of culture sector will organize meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, lessons of courage, book expositions and show the film “Veliky Novgorod – the City of Military Glory", prepared by Novgorod TV journalists. Veterans-participants of War have been invited to the regional radio programs, the former war veterans will enjoy their favorite songs. The citywide rally in commemoration of Novgorod’s liberation will take place on January, 20 at 12:00 p.m. at the Victory Monument.

Novgorod was liberated from the Nazi occupation on January, 20 1944.