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Memory of Russia: Historians suggest to immortalize feats of Novgorod people

14 May 2010
Source: RIA News

The Novgorod Society of Antiquity lovers came up with an idea to immortalize feats of Novgorod people covering 1000 years in the memorial composition by the Military Glory Stele.

The honorary title “City of Military Glory” was given to Veliky Novgorod in 2008 by the Decree of the President of Russia for the mass heroism of troops, displayed during defence and liberation of the city during the Great Patriotic War.

The Stele of Military Glory was opened in the historical center of the city on May, 8 2010. Four cubes have been placed near the stele. Its 16 sides are supposed to bear information about the most significant stages of the centuries-old history of Veliky Novgorod.

The Novgorod Society of Antiquity lovers is also suggesting to provide information about participation of Novgorod people in resistance to Tatar-Mongol invasion, in the Battle of the Neva, Battle of the Ice (Battle of Lake Peipus), Great Northern War, Patriotic War of 1812 (French invasion of Russia), Russo-Turkish war, Russo-Japanese war, Civil War, World War I and World War II.

Currently the City Administration welcomes suggestions from scholars and citizens.