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World museums: The Museum of the Liberation of Vienna

13 April 2015

The Museum of the Liberation of Vienna is opened in the Austrian capital. The organizers have turned into a place for excursions the bunker, which has been preserved since the Second World War.

Bomb shelter area of ​​almost 1,000 square meters was built back in 1942. More than half a century the building was not used and was abandoned. Schoolchildren began to use the bunker as a historical object. They organized exhibitions there, telling about the war in Austria. Then inspirer of Russian cultural projects in Vienna Natalia Lagureva invited to make from a bomb shelter the National Museum. "We wanted to show everyone that Vienna in the spring of '45 was released, but not conquered," - she explained.

The participants of the solemn opening are the representatives of city authorities, schoolchildren and diplomats from Russia, France, Great Britain and the USA.

The Russian ambassador Sergei Nechaev noted that the museum was created not by the order from above, but by the movement of the soul. “This is a wonderful result of cooperation of Russia and Austria”, - he added.

The museum tells the story of the Battle of Vienna in April 1945. Among the exhibits - military maps, pictures commanders, posters, newspaper clippings, copies of historical documents the recovery period of the Austrian capital in the postwar period. Some of them are transferred to the Museum of the descendants of participants in the events of the time. The exposition was also attended by the Museum of the City of Vienna, the Austrian National Library and National Archives.

The furniture of a bomb shelter is resorted in several rooms.