Cultural events in Russia and abroad

Cultural events in Russia and abroad

Libraries and Society: All-Russian Library Congress opened in Nizhny Novgorod

15 May 2022

All-Russian Library Congress: the XXVI Annual Conference of the Russian Library Association is held in-person and online from May 15 to May 20, 2022 in Nizhny Novgorod - the "Library Capital of Russia in 2022" - with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Marking the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia: A large-scale exhibition about the cultural heritage of the peoples of Kuzbass "Appeal to the Origins" presented in Kemerovo

13 May 2022

The Fedorov State Scientific Library of Kuzbass (Kemerovo) hosted the grand opening of a large-scale exhibition about the cultural heritage of the peoples of Kuzbass "Appeal to the Origins", which is dedicated to the Year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia in partnership with the main keepers and propagandists of the cultural and historical memory of Kuzbass - the Center for Folk Creativity of Kuzbass, the State Archives of Kuzbass and the Kuzbass Museum-Reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa".

Internet and Regions of Russia: The National Library of Komi Republic presented a virtual encyclopedia "We are from Komi"

12 May 2022

The National Library of Komi Republic hosted a presentation of the Internet resource "We are from Komi" - a virtual encyclopedia about the outstanding natives of Komi land, who have contributed to world and native science, sports, culture, art and literature. The Internet resource has been prepared marking the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Komi Republic (the anniversary was widely celebrated last year) and the 185th anniversary of the library (anniversary events take place during this year).

Memory of Russia: Exhibition dedicated to front-line photography opened at VDNKh

12 May 2022

Marking Victory Day an unusual exhibition “With a Watering Can and a Notebook” began its work in the interchangeable exhibition hall of the Special Purpose Garage Museum of the Federal Security Service of Russia at VDNKh (pavilion 53) in Moscow. It showcases photographs of the classic of Soviet photography, front-line correspondent Yakov Khalip.

Memorable dates in Russia: A large-scale project dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I presented at the Sheremetev Palace in St. Petersburg

11 May 2022

Until June 5, 2022 a large-scale project is presented in the halls of the Grand Enfilade of the Sheremetev Palace - the Music Museum (St. Petersburg), including the exhibition "The Fourth Century with the Name of Peter", educational events, thematic excursions, museum holidays and concerts dedicated to memorable dates in the history of Russia and the Days of Military Glory and covering the period "from Peter to the present day".